Sketchbook Video

Finally! I had a chance to put the scans of the pages of my book together in a video. Now you can “flip” through the pages and get an idea of what my sketchbook looks like in person.

I followed the lead of Malyn and added a Guest Book page. I hope once the Sketchbook Project 2012 Tour begins, people will find my sketchbook and want to find out more about it. 

I hope you enjoy my sketchbook!

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Sketchbook Send-off


Today was the big day. I packaged off my sketchbook for the 2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour. It was a little sad saying goodbye. I really love what I was able to accomplish in my book. As it makes its way to be part of this project I have two fears: that no one will see my book and that no one will like my book. Perhaps that’s the life of an artist!

I’m looking forward to the 2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour stop in Atlanta this August. It will be fun to browse all of the books – and to see mine once again.

Scans of my book will be available soon. I completed them last night, and now I just need to make it look pretty!

So long sketchbook!

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28 & 29 – It asked a crumb of me.


I have the sweetest puppy in the entire world. Devon is a nearly two and a half golden retriever. He knows a lot about hope. He will sit next to you while you are eating. He doesn’t beg, but he hopes you’ll drop him a morsel.

For this final sketch, I decided to use him as my model. I chose to sketch off of this lovely picture of him I manipulated in instagram. He is hoping I’ll play ball with him.

I also wanted to end the book as I started – with a simple pencil sketch. I am still learning, and there could be a lot of improvements made, but I think it captures the mood. I also included the original photo in my book.

Now, I’m nearly done! I will add QR codes to the three remaining pages and decorate the inside covers with rub on transfers. I’ll then scan the entire book and share. This journey is nearly over!

Medium: Pencil: B, 2B & 8B

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26 & 27 – Yet, never, in extremity,


This spread is dedicated to my Sketchbook Project buddy, Malyn. I would never have attempted this project without her encouragement, and now I’m one spread away from being finished. She’s truly kept me motivated throughout this entire process.

I chose to illustrate Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) since it’s in Australia where Malyn lives (though it’s in a totally different part of the country). I think it shows extremes well, as from first glance, it looks fairly harsh. However, even with its harsh conditions and temperature extremes, it’s the home of many different plants and animals.

It’s also interesting geologically. It’s all that’s left of a larger alluvial fan deposit (from an ancient river) and is composed of sandstone.

Medium: Colored pencils

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24 & 25 – And on the strangest sea;

Europa, the fourth largest moon of Jupiter is a very interesting place.


This image was taken by Galileo of Europa.

Europa’s surface is covered with ice. However, it shows signs of melting and reforming leading scientists to believe under the ice is a liquid ocean. It’s also one of the strongest contenders for places to find extraterrestrial life in our own solar system. You can learn more about Europa here:,8599,2099643,00.html

An extraterrestrial ocean and the hope of life definitely leads Europa to being the strangest sea (for now).

Medium: soft pastels

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22 & 23 – I’ve heard it in the chillest land,


Where on Earth is the chillest land? The polar regions while experiencing winter was my immediate thought. (Plus it’s darkest, not just chillest. Because of the angle of the Earth’s tilt, the polar regions go months without seeing a sunrise while experiencing winter.) But hope is so very evident there in a phenomenon seen often there and rarely elsewhere on the planet: the auroras.

The auroras themselves are amazing. They are a visual display of the amazing impact the sun’s radiation could have on our planet if not for our protective magnetic field (generated by currents flowing in the liquid metallic outer core). Without the Earth’s magnetic field, the solar winds would have blown away the atmosphere millions of years ago making Earth less habitable.

The auroras are a dancing, churning curtain of ions creating an almost magical display. At least that’s how I imagine it from the photos I’ve seen. Seeing the aurora borealis in person is on my bucket list.

Medium: soft pastels, paper cutting, and colored pencils.

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20 & 21 – Stanza break 2


I knew I wanted to stick with patterns for the second stanza break. I started by cutting some paper into one-inch strips. I began weaving them together, and this is the result.

I like how two things are hidden within each other. Sometimes, with hope, we cling to a partial idea, and I think this reflects that. I added one accent sticker with a whimsical bird.

I’m not sure (again) if this qualifies as art, but I like it.

Medium: paper, weaving

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18 & 19 – That kept so many warm.


Hope is filled with warmth and comfort. For me, I immediately envision a roaring fire, a slumbering cat, the sun streaming in through the windows, and home.

For this spread, I wanted it to be simple yet comforting. I stuck to the basics and the form is a bit of a primitive sketch. I included some recurring themes, and left it a bit sparse.

Medium: pencil B & colored pencil accents

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16 & 17 – That could abash the little bird


This marks the halfway point in my sketchbook! I have reached the centerfold. I decided to try collage art for this one, but I’m not sure the result actually qualifies!

I knew I wanted to try image transfer, and I have a fabulous photo of a male and female cardinal at a feeder in the snow as it is snowing. However, I only have an inkjet printer. I found a tutorial using sheet protectors of all things, and I’m pleased with the result!

Medium: Collage, photo transfer, paper, stickers, and rub on transfer

Alas, as I was getting ready to place this spread in the book, tragedy struck! The poor staples could not hold up to my massive editions to the sketchbook and gave out. Like our little bird of hope, I was not abashed, and I quickly looked for ideas for rebinding. I found one using stitching with embroidery thread, and I set to work. I like the result and think it fits well with the overall book. You can see how think my book is becoming – no wonder it was bursting at the seams!

One month, five lines, and one stanza break to go. The end is getting nearer.

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14 & 15 – And sore must be the storm


Storms – vicious ones that could rip hope apart can – immediately led me to think of Jupiter. Jupiter is known for its intense cloud bands of swirling hydrogen and helium. Its most famous storm is the Great Red Spot. It was first spotted in the 1600’s and could fit three Earths across it. It’s definitely a massive storm that endangers hope.…

I used this image to draw the region of Jupiter including the Great Red Spot. I then mounted the painting on dark red card stock. Finally, I had to decide where to place the words, and went with the contour of the storm.

Medium: Water color paints

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